Global Netwave provides international data services across five continents and has a global reach to over 154+ countries using subsea, terrestrial cables, and satellite services. We offer a comprehensive range of international services including: International Private Line, IP VPN, MPLS, International Internet Service, and Remote Access services.


Global Netwave is an industry leader of providing “true green” IT solutions. We are committed to seeking out new green IT solutions for our customers by monitoring new manufacturer technology and developments in IT. Our solutions are custom tailored to each customer’s requirements, such as size and type of company.


Global Netwave is a leader in building next generation high-speed networks. Our personnel have been involved in building some of the largest research and education networks in the world. Currently, we now have 10G, 40G, and 100G optical networking technology available for building high speed data networks.


Global Netwave offers Private Cloud services from two of the largest Cloud Service providers. By using our Cloud services, we provide the flexibility of a small business, while retaining the reliability and high quality service of a large provider. We like to think of it as “a way to have your cake and eat it too.”