International Data Network Services and Solutions

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Global Netwave provides international data services across five continents and has a global reach to over 154+ countries using subsea, terrestrial cables, and satellite services. We offer a comprehensive range international services including: International Private Line, IP VPN, MPLS, International Internet Service, and Remote Access services.

International Wave Services - Global Netwave offers International Wavelength Services for those customers looking to expand their data, voice or video network globally. Services offered include traditional SONET based STM64/OC-192, and Ethernet based 2.5G, and 10G unprotected waves. Protected waves are available on most terrestrial routes and on some undersea systems. High bandwidth wave services, 10Gbs & 40Gbs, are available on most major undersea cable systems, and upgrades are being done on many of the more remote locations. Contact us for cable system capacity updates worldwide.

International Private Line

International IP VPN

International Internet Services

International Remote Access

Internal MPLS Services

International Hosting/Cloud Services

International Co-location Services  

Why Choose Global Netwave:

   Choice and Flexibility

Global Netwave can provide customers innovative and flexibility international solutions in terms of bandwidth, ports, classes of service, and SLAs custom fit to your network requirements. Additionally, we can reduce your costs by allowing you to purchase only the bandwidth you need, with a clear migration path to upgrade service without costly interruptions or time-consuming contract reviews and revisions.

   Multiple Configurations

We offer Ethernet services on two separate global platforms: Ethernet over SONET/SDH and Ethernet over MPLS, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your network requirements. Ethernet services are configured as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint networks. In addition, we offer the choice of MAC or VLAN addressing for managing network traffic, giving you customize your WAN Ethernet for optimal performance.

   Service Level Agreements

Global Netwave offers dependable international service with industry leading SLA’s to meet your business requirements. Our SLA services allow us to measure network availability, packet loss, uptime, latency or jitter giving customers assurance that their network is performing in a highly reliable fashion.