Cyber Security

GN Cyber Security

Today’s IT managers and Cybersecurity experts understand the importance of having a secure, reliable and trusted network. Global Netwave’s worldwide cybersecurity solutions offer customers a piece of mind in world full of challenging and complex security threats. Our security engineers have the technical expertise to design, build and engineer a new highly secure network or to upgrade a customers existing network. In addition, our security team can help with simple security issues or provide an end-to-end cyber solution involving multiple security layers & technologies. Security solutions are also available for both wired or wireless network technologies on a worldwide basis.

Global Netwave partners with leading edge cyber equipment manufacturers, security experts, and solution providers in order to offer our customers the broadest array of cyber solutions. By doing so, we are able to offer cost-effective security solutions tailored to meet a customer’s budget. Global Netwave also recognizes that each customer’s data network is unique. A one-sized security solution or partner may not meet all of a customers requirements, so our security experts will work with each customer to help them “pick or choose” the best security solution for their budget and mission critical needs. Our services include:

   Fiber optic “protect & detect” solutions
   Intrusion detection & protection applications
   Encryption software & devices
   Government security encryption & Type I devices
   Wireless security technologies & equipment
   Remote network access and control technologies
   Network security engineering and design
   Cloud computing security & design
   Disaster recovery, mirror sites, hosting & co-location services
   Green IT “security solutions”
   Security consulting & threat assessment surveys

Contact us today for more information and let the Global Netwave Security Team help you design, build and run a highly secure & trusted network.